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Environmental Law and Public Utilities

The Environmental Law, including Permitting, practice gained an extensive approach after Romania’s joining the EU. Mocanu si Asociatii lawyers’ experience includes providing legal advice in relation to EU compliance and regulatory matters, as well as in transactions that may raise environment related concerns.

Public Utilities sector is also one of the areas our lawyers are well-acquainted with, for having assisted authorities in structuring, regulating and contracting services for water, sewage, waste systems and for having advised companies and joint-ventures in connection with being licensed for and performing public utilities services. Our expertise covers the following:

? Legal services regarding environmental infrastructure and public utilities: thermal energy supply, water supply and wastewater treatment, sanitation, public transport, public lighting

? Legal and institutional advice for accessing EU funds under the Sectoral Operational Program Environment

? Legal assistance and advice regarding the establishment of local or regional public service operators, the association of administrative-territorial units and the establishment of inter-Community development associations

? Legal and institutional advice regarding the organization and operation of public local services

? Legal advice regarding the organization and performance of public tenders for procurement of goods, works and services

? Legal advice regarding the reorganization of autonomous public services undertakings and public units into companies

? Legal advice, assistance and representation in public service delegation or concession procedures, including in negotiating, signing and implementing public service delegation or concession contracts.

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